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Life in a city is like a race against time. You never stop to have time for yourself. In such a high pressure environment governed by intense competition and the drive for success, people stop focusing on the little things in life that make them happy and healthy. That’s where we come in. Health World Rebels helps you find healthy ways of staying fit and happy in big cities around the world. We provide holistic Health Coaching, Life and Leadership coaching based on spiritual and psychological knowledge combined with cutting edge scientific research to give you the happiness you deserve. We achieve this through our very special spiritual, body and mind trainings to help your body adapt to stress. Our focus is also centered on exercise and nutrition on a plant based living foods vegan lifestyle including sprouts and green juices to provide your body and mind with the healthy growth that helps you flourish in both personal and commercial life.

We know that physical fitness is not the only key to a well-balanced and content life. It is about having healthy reIMG_2041lationships that keep your mind at peace. A family and good friends are the bond that helps you every step of the way and we help you in making that bond stronger so that you feel secure in your element and confident of being loved and appreciated. Our website contains some highly useful blogs and tips that guide you towards the essentials of a living blissful life. We help you with the problems you are facing in life, from weight issues to a balanced diet, from raising children to getting them educated, from physical exercise such as yoga or detox to healthy relationships.

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We provide guidelines in English,Chinese and German. Visit our website for more information and be a part of a bigger change that revolutionizes your lifestyle permanently for the better. Start living your life to the fullest and kiss your tensions and worries goodbye.