Wеіghtlоss оn а rаw fооd dіеt wіthоut bеіng hungrуIts all in the Combination

At Hippocrates we have learned this: Eat mainly sprouts, everything else is a side dish. Drink green juice at least twice a day.  Avoid cashews, peanuts and when you have a sickness dont eat fruits. Anyway, melon always on its own…..

Don’t drink water a half hour before or 1-2 hours after eating, drink it room temperature.  Don’t use vinegar except apple cider vinegar and then, only first thing in the morning before any food.  Poor food combing leads to poor digestion, which equals poor health and disease, not to mention indigestion, gas and bloating.

I found this great chart to help you on the way online….: food-Combining-chart Thanks to the great Greg Valou who made it all visible!
Here are the basics:
  • NEVER combine protein (nuts and seeds) and carbs/starches (sprouted grains, beans, etc).  Each CAN, however, be combined with veggies.
  • Always eat fruit alone and do not mix fruits from sub-groups of acids, sub-acids and sweet fruit.  on a special occasion, you can mix a sub-acid fruit with either acid or sweet but never mix sweet fruit and acid fruits.
  • NO FRUIT or SUGAR EVER while sick or battling illness. (Disease feeds on sugar, including agave, raw honey, etc)
  • Tomatoes are fruit … they do not belong on salad.  They should be eaten alone.
  • Avocados can combine with fruit or veggies but NOT carbs or protein.
  • Melons should always be eaten alone “eat them alone or leave them alone”.

Bananas aare the only fruits that ripen after having picked from the tree. If you eat them, eat them ripe.